Backyard Sheds

The backyard is perhaps the most ubiquitous part of American family life. It’s important you have it arranged well to best optimize the space and functionality of this important space. At Springfield Shed Builder, we’re here to help you do exactly that.

We understand the importance of the backyard, as well as the sheds and other structures that people use to enhance their homes. We offer a wide variety of different types of sheds and other structures to be built in your backyard. Our professional team has the best builders in the Springfield, Virginia area to ensure quality and durability.


When it comes to sheds, our name says it all. We at Springfield Shed Builder are the best in the business when it comes to backyard sheds of any size, material, or design. That is why out catalogue is extensive and offers you whatever shed you may want to implement in your backyard to enhance your home.

We have smart side sheds, vinyl sheds, and many other types with a multitude of different material and designs we can implement to best suit your needs and budget. Whether its for storing a few pieces of backyard equipment or tools or for something needing a bit more space, Springfield Shed Builder is the company to call.

Other Structures

In addition to storage sheds, our crew of builders also provide other backyard additions to brighten up your home. These include wooden or vinyl gazebos for a relaxing place to hang out in the backyard and playsets for your kids. If it’s a structure in the backyard, then we can build it, with all the slides, ladders, and swings.

We also build dog houses, pool houses, metal carports, and many other backyard structures. Using all the right materials to integrate most optimally with your backyard and home, we take pride in all the backyard structures we build for our valued customers.


Backyard sheds and other backyard structures requires professional delivery and installation. Serving the Springfield, Virginia community and surrounding areas, our crew of professional builders have all your delivery and installation needs covered. With the best warranty options on the market, you can count on us to deliver and install your backyard shed or structure quickly, efficiently, and affordably.

This is true of every style and design we have available. Our job is not only to provide you with the best backyard sheds and other structures, but to give you the peace of mind you deserve in getting them set up.


The process with our company at Springfield Shed Builder is simple. First you place your order, either by phone or online. Then our builders arrive and begin construction. We bring all the needed materials onsite with us. Our builders then assemble the base and build the decking. Next comes attaching the walls to the floor we’ve just built.

After we’ve got the wall and the floor, its time to install the shingles you’ve chosen. Then we attach the doors, hardware, trim, and any other extra you’ve ordered. No job is complete without a professional final inspection and approval, though. Our builders make sure everything is rock solid before handing you a bill.


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