Custom Sheds

For us at Springfield Shed Builder, designing and construction custom sheds is one of the best parts of our job! It allows us to fix your needs precisely as you see fit, within your budget. Our custom sheds add value to your property while enhancing its practical usability.

Our custom sheds and storage structures provide you with a new space for your home. We view it as home improvement and akin to adding on to your house. Our custom options span the spectrum of options at great low prices. We have all the deigns, materials, and construction knowhow you need for your new custom shed.

Two Story Sheds

Two story sheds are, naturally, a larger type of shed. Usually used for more heavy-duty storage purposes or professional needs, the two story shed requires a great deal of design and material implementation solutions. That’s what we offer you at Springfield Shed Builder.

Offering the best warranty options on the market, our two story sheds are made to last and will be sure to satisfy all of your professional or storage needs. Whether you want a barn roof or an A-frame roof design, the custom options for your new two story shed are limitless. We work hard to integrate it with your existing property.

Vinyl Sheds

Vinyl is an excellent alternative material for shed building if that’s the way you want to go. Being the least maintenance intensive option, vinyl sheds are durable, sturdy, and last a long time. We can build small barns, a-frame sheds, dormer sheds, and much more using our vinyl approach.

Our goal is always to fit your needs and budget while fully integrating your new sheds with your home or property. Vinyl expands our ability to offer you custom options for your specific situation. With such a wide variety of options to choose from, you can’t go wrong with our custom vinyl sheds.

Multiple Uses

Our custom shed options and Springfield Shed Builders are unmatched. Offering you the best choices when it comes to custom sheds, we offer a variety of different solutions for your specific needs. In addition to conventional sheds, we also do a variety of objects and structures that have high functionality.

We can build workshop space, space for your garden and lawn equipment, a place to store your marine vehicle, design and build a space for crafting activities, an outdoor playhouse for your kids, outdoor dog houses, and many other varieties of objects, space, and structures.

Site Surveys

When you order our custom shed solutions and services, we come with a promise to deliver a full and complete experience to our customer. Our professionals at Springfield Shed Builder are fully qualified and experienced builders, which is why we offer onsite survey services to go with our design and build promise.

What we do is examine the space set aside at your home or property for a custom shed and get into the details of its surroundings. It makes the design process that much more personal and accommodating. Helping to visualize a job before its done, you can count on our onsite surveys to give you that extra layer of details you need for a perfect shed.


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