Metal Sheds

At Springfield Shed Builder, our metal shed options are among our finest choices for our customers. As opposed to wood, metal can stave off rot and other problems to stand up to the elements and provide you with a longer lasting, durable shed option.

Offering financing and warranty options designed to suit your needs and budget, our team of experienced builders offers you a catalogue of metal shed options for a variety of practical needs, from storage to more space for various activities. We are committed to our customers and offer full transparency and collaboration in getting your shed built. This includes full consultation on materials such as metal.

Benefits of Metal

Why do people choose metal solutions for their sheds? There are a variety of reasons why metal sheds may be the most optimal choice for your needs. Aside from requiring very little in the way of maintenance, metal sheds offer color schemes that last longer. The promise of long lasting aesthetics and quality is what makes metal sheds an excellent choice of a lot of customers.

We can include extra wood framing and fiberglass doors. In the end, our metal shed options are fully customizable to fit your exact needs and budget. They can be portable as well. Our professional builders at Springfield Shed Builder know metal sheds and can design and build the perfect one for you.

Portable Metal Sheds

One indicator of a given object’s functionality is if its portable or not. Portable sheds are no different. We at Springfield Shed Builder offer our customs a wide variety of portable metal shed options. A portable shed can be hauled or towed. They offer a level of convenience unmatched in other sheds.

Built out of aluminum and other lighter weight metals, portable metal sheds also offer you a degree of sturdy durability that is hard to find in other types of permanently grounded sheds. If you envision yourself taking your shed on the go with you, our portable metal shed options are the best in the area, with excellent warranty options to boot.


Steel is a great material because of its strength and durability. Our custom steel shed options are equally great. Our team has built many quality steel sheds and other small structures for home and properties across the Springfield, Virginia area. In addition to sheds, we’ve also built garages, workshops, home offices, steel carports, and many other structures made of steel to stand the test of time and deliver you nothing but the best of quality results.

We love working with steel. It’s a great option when you want to enhance the foundational strength of your structure. Whether for a shed or other structure, call us today for custom steel options.

Metal Carports

In addition to sheds, we also offer metal carport and automobile storage solutions for your home or property. At Springfield Shed Builder, we pride ourselves on offering the local community a wide variety of storage solutions and services. We can design and build a metal, low maintenance, and durable carport for your vehicle. In dimensions from 12 to 40 feet wide, we can build any size metal carport and even combine segments together.

We are committed to meeting your needs and doing it within your budget. This include offering a variety of different window and door solutions for your metal carport as well.


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