Wood Sheds

Given that we at Springfield Shed Builder love our sheds and provide a wide variety of different shed and other structure options, it is also a given that we do the classic wood shed better than anyone else out there as well. The wood shed is the cornerstone, the ancestor of all sheds and we take pride in designing and building them for you.

We also build wood barns for larger projects. When it comes to designing and constructing wood sheds, we are the best in the business. Our team respects wood. With excellent warranty and financing options to boot, what are you waiting for?

All Wood

The wood sheds we offer constitute a full catalogue of all the best brands and materials on the market. If you’re looking for a top of the line, premium wooden storage shed, we are your best option for the best wood and the best sheds in the Springfield, Virginia and the surrounding areas.

Our team of builders is the best in the business and will provide you with premium wood that is meant to last longer than conventional wood. From small to medium to large storage sheds, as well as other structures like your trash and recycling center, we at Springfield Shed Builder have the best wood shed solutions to fit your needs and budget.

Quality Wood

Our wood is at or above U.S. quality standards to deliver you the highest quality wood shed at the most affordable prices. All of our designs are made to stand the test of time. We feature fully engineered and designed floors with a professional quality and rating that you cannot find anywhere else.

Our materials are even excellent for parking automobiles on them, the wood is that good. We are confident that the wood we use is a higher quality than that of our competitors, without higher prices. Wood is an especially important material that we take seriously when crafted your wooden shed.

Reinforced Floors and Roofs

The floor is one of the most important aspects of any wood shed. That is why we place special emphasis and importance on doing the floor correctly. We use factory issued and pressure-treated wooden beams to construct our high quality wooden shed floors.

Our material is resistant to water rot and keeps termites away because we know how important it is to keep your wood healthy and maximize its durability. The same goes for the roof, with custom shingle options. Built together, our floor and roof systems are built to reinforce each other to prevent the floor from sagging into the ground and with a mind towards staving off rot.

Wooden Look

Sometimes wood as a material is not your preferred choice, but you want the wood aesthetic. At Springfield Shed Builder, we completely understand this desire and have made it easy to do just that. Metal can be more cost effective than wood for a few reasons such as durability and longevity. It can also come cheaper. We can substitute some metal materials when it comes to your wooden shed to lower the price tag or to simply deliver on whatever aesthetic you desire and within your budget.

Our sheds are fully customizable, so if you want it to be mostly with some metal complements, or you are just looking for a wood aesthetic, look no farther than Springfield Shed Builder.



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